Of Course, Everyone's Heard of Costco, Sam's Club, Staples, and Office Depot, Right?
These "Box Stores" Sell Food, Furniture, Home Furnishings, and Office Supplies. What they hardly ever offer is Financial Services, Business Subscriptions, Business Memberships, Coaching Services, Business Software, Business Opportunities, or Lead Generation Services, And a Whole Lot More.
Introducing: The "Box Store" of Business!
Soon to be a Brand-Name, Each Location Will Offer Services as an Umbrella Organization Where Branchise™ Owners, Can Use The Concept to Offer All Types of Business Services and Business Products, Completely at the discretion of the Branchise™ Owner. Locations Can be Anywhere in The World, in The "Cloud," in an Executive Suite or Larger Location.
What's The Price of a "Box Store?"
The Price to Have a "Box Store" Branchise™ is $2,500 (yearly). Branchises™ Can be Located Anywhere in The World. Compare This to Some Franchise Opportunities. For Example, 7-Eleven Requires an Initial Investment of $1,635,000 per Location. The UPS Store Requires an Initial Investment of $402,000 per Location. Ace Hardware Requires an Initial Investment of $1.5 Million per Location. I Think You Get The Idea.
"You've Got People"
Having a "Box Store" Makes you a "Person of Interest" Exemplified, as You Will be Connected to Other "Box Stores," Worldwide. You'll be Generating Revenue From Multiple Sources Including "Sophisticated Members" And Referring Other Branchise™ Owners. In Other Words, "Our People, Become Your People."™ Furthermore, When The "Business Chamber of Commerce" CREDIT UNION is Released, The Over 1-Billion in Assets Becomes Your 1-Billion in Assets to Capitalize on.
"Lock-It-Up" Advantage
When released, the retail for a "Box Store" will be $2,500 (annually). If you use the "Lock-it-Up" Advantage RIGHT NOW, you can have your "Box Store" for only $200. Then, when we launch (first quarter 2021), your price for the store will only be $1,000 instead of $2,500. Don't Have The $200 to "Lock-it-Up", partner with someone who does or we'll place it on hold until you've earned the money.
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